Ramsay Surgical Centre Glenferrie
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Discharge Information

Please note the discharge time is between 9.00am and 10.00am.

Your Discharge from Hospital

Discharge time for all patients is scheduled for between 9.00 am and 10.00 am.  This time frame assists us with allocation of rooms for patients attending later in the day.  If you are unable to meet this time line please discuss this with your nurse.

Before you leave the hospital please make sure that you have packed your personal belongings including medications that you brought with you on admission,  X-Rays, doctors appointment details, any valuables that may have been locked in the hospital safe and any other relevant items and instructions.

Upon discharge you are required to present to reception to settle any out-of-pocket expenses incurred during your stay.

You are not permitted to drive for 12 hours following a general anaesthetic, and preferably not until the next day. We can book a taxi if you require one.

All Day Procedure patients are to be accompanied home (that is, not in a taxi on their own) and should arrange for someone to stay with them overnight. You will be required to stay in hospital if this cannot be arranged.

Remember to take home all of your medications.

If you have any concerns upon returning home, please do not hesitate to phone the hospital and speak to the nursing staff.

Staff at Ramsay Surgical Centre Glenferrie, in conjunction with your family and/or carer, can assist in planning for your discharge. Many people will require no special services following discharge from hospital. Others require only minimal assistance to help them manage at home. It is important to consider what you may need in order to manage when you return home.

Planning for discharge is important so that when you return home you will make the best possible recovery in the shortest time possible. Planning for your discharge means that you will not have to stay in hospital any longer than you need.