Ramsay Surgical Centre Glenferrie
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Our Vision & Mission

“Small Enough to Care, Large Enough to Excel”


  • To be recognised as a centre of excellence and Hospital of Choice
  • To be recognised as the Employer of Choice
  • To achieve optimal return on investment

To be recognised as the Hospital of Choice

  • To provide exemplary customer service
  • To provide facilities and technology that meet our evolving needs
  • To ensure staff are appropriately skilled to meet organisational needs
  • To ensure the organisation operates within sound governance principles
  • To maintain full accreditation status and be acknowledged as a Community focused facility responding to local market demands and leading the way in health care provision

To be recognised as an Employer of Choice

  • To attract and retain appropriately skilled, experienced and educated staff
  • To maintain flexible supportive management practices.
  • To ensure effective communication between staff and management
  • To maintain and promote staff reward and recognition.

To achieve patient and business growth

  • To ensure information is timely, reliable and complete.
  • To support clinical business and patient flow and to enable expansion
  • To strengthen all current specialities and introduce new business aligned specialities
  • To decrease agency usage by employing expanding the role and usage of the Medication and IV endorsed enrolled nurse and to support a greater casual pool with a recruitment focus on the surplus of graduate nurses currently in the market place.


Ramsay Surgical Centre Glenferrie’s mission is to provide safe, high quality and personalised care that makes a positive difference to the patient’s hospital experience.

We will continue to offer flexible employment and provide staff with personal development opportunities. Caring staff, modern equipment and updating existing facilities, with complementary on-site support services will attract Visiting Medical Officers of the highest calibre.


We strive to provide high quality care and service guided by our core values:

  • Respect for the Individual
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Team Work
  • Contribution to the Community


  1. Enhance Safety and Quality
  2. Develop and Support our Workforce
  3. Manage Risk
  4. Build Partnerships
  5. Evaluate Business and Market Opportunities
  6. Ensure Financial Accountability and effective Resource Management